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Hey friends, I’m Chandler, founder of Cheer Chalk. Why did I create this product?  See the story below.

Everyday I had cheer practice in the university gymnastics room. I sweat like any normal guy while doing something active. To keep my hands grippy, I’d just wipe them with a towel before each stunt. Until one day, I discovered the chalk bowl.⁣

The gymnasts had tons of powdered chalk next to their high bars, so I would sneak over periodically and coat my hands with it. This changed my stunting forever! My flyers shoes seemed to cling to my hands, making stunts feel lighter, controlled and much more stable in my grip.⁣

Well, this powdered chalk worked great for practice, but when it came time to pull out our uniforms, that grungy old hand towel came too. I much preferred the powerful feeling of a chalky grip, but the dusty powder was just too darn messy on those nice, fresh uniforms in front of a crowd.⁣


Other athletes such as weightlifters, rock climbers, and gymnasts use this same chalk when they are training or competing. Why? Because the chalk eliminates moisture, increases friction and enhances grip strength!!

Cheer Chalk’s new non-transfer formula gives you the most powerful chalky stunting grip, without the powder-filled problems. Cheer Chalk is a liquid chalk lotion that binds the magnesium particles to the fatty-acids in your skin. Now you can chalk up your hands before the halftime routine or that finals performance and hit everything clean! #cheerchalkup