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Cheer stunt must have!

I order this for my daughter. She is an all star elite cheer flyer/tumbler. Cheer chalk leaves no dust and hand marks everywhere and supplies a great grip for those crazy stunts that she pulls.

It’s just expensive liquid chalk

never received it

Helped before Daytona

Really helped keep my hands dry to hit some really nice stunts while competing on the bandshell!


Love this product. My daughter is constantly bragging about it.

Our team LOVES this!

Cheer Chalk ~ 50ml Bottle
Janelle Casella

Love love love. You guys and your product is amazing

Cheer chalk

Alonso cheer loves cheer chalk!


Every time we break out the cheer chalk, our stunting gets better!

Love it!

Cheer chalk is incredible! It gets me through every STUNT match and cheer competition :)

Still haven’t received it

I know it’s not your fault. But we still haven’t received our cheer chalk and the season is almost over. Not sure I’ll get it before it ends.

Perfect for CrossFit!

When gyms reopened, we were using another liquid chalk and it was a mess. Everyone always got way too much. I bought some Cheer Chalk and it's been amazing! It lasts through the entire class and doesn't leave handprints all over. I love the scent as well.

10 PACK- 50ml Bottles (20% Bundle Discount)
Desert Ridge High School Cheer
We love Cheer Chalk

Our team loves Cheer Chalk. Before we start to stunt at practice cheer chalk gets out on our hands. It has helped keep our hands dry and it won’t get on clothing or uniforms. Sweaty hands is not something we have to worry about while working our stunts.

My team and I love cheer chalk!!

This is my second order of Cheer Chalk. I’m a competition cheer coach and bought this for my girls to try to help them with grips in stunts. It is a huge hit with my team and the girls now have to have it and notice immediately when they try to stunt without it. It has helped us improve our stunting so much so I had to double up on this order! My team and I love cheer chalk!!

It is amazing and it worked very well. It does not rub off on clothes so that’s awesome!!

Great product!


This is the best liquid chalk I’ve ever used. Highly recommended! I don’t workout without it. I keep it clipped to my gym bag zipper so it’s always easy to find.

Cheer Chalk

My daughter begged me to get her a bottle after just one use.


We absolutely love Cheer chalk! It makes for a flawless routine each time!

Great product!

Tried it out myself and works great! Love the bottle, perfect for backpacks! Looking forward to having the cheerleaders use this product more!

Cheer Chalk for the win!

My team was skeptical about the sample we received. Once they tried it, they loved it!

Cheer chalk

The cheer chalk is great ! It smells good as well . Had a sturdy grip when doing stunts , the cheerleaders and I love the cheer chalk and I would recommend it !

Fantastic Product!

Cheer Chalk made a huge difference in our practice!! Highly recommend 🎀🎀🎀

Long lasting!

I’ve tried a couple other brands of chalk and cheer chalk seems to last a little bit longer before having to reapply compared to the others

Cheer Chalk ~ 50ml Bottle
Denise Troullier
Salmen Cheer Chalk review

Thank you so much for our cheer chalk. Our bases at Salmen High school love it. Our flyers love it even more. Thanks for helping us "stick" our stunts!